Admittedly, the law can be intimidating to those who don’t know it, especially if it’s another language. This is why having a capable attorney on your side is so important. In addition, it is also essential to know some legal terms; this will make things much clearer and less stressful for you.


These are the private offices of a judge and his personal team.


This term refers to legal advice. For example, it is common to read that a lawyer “provides legal counsel”, that is, provides legal advice. Also, the word “counsel” is also used to refer to lawyers. You may have heard a phrase like this in a movie: “Counsel, please be seated”, that is, “lawyer, stay seated”.


It is the person against whom a lawsuit is filed. In some cases, this person is also called a “respondent.”

Dismissal With Prejudice/Without Prejudice

A “dismissal with prejudice” is a court action that prevents an identical lawsuit from being filed again once a trial has concluded. In a “dismissal without prejudice”, on the other hand, the affected person is free to file a new lawsuit for the same reason.


A serious crime that can be punished with more than a year in prison or the death penalty. Some examples of “felonies” include arson, kidnapping, and murder.


A less serious crime than a felony, and can be punished with less than 12 months in prison. Some examples of misdemeanors include theft, petty assault, vandalism, or resisting arrest.


The release of an inmate before he completes his sentence in a federal prison. After being released on parole, a person becomes subject to the supervision of a United States government parole officer. Fun fact: “parole” comes from French, where it means “word”.


The person who files a lawsuit against another individual or institution. Simply put, if you decide to sue someone, then you become the “plaintiff.”

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