Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse

Lawyer for nursing home abuse
Lawyer for nursing home abuse

Lawyer for nursing home abuse are a subset of personal injury attorneys. They specialize in helping seniors who experience abuse while living in a care facility.

These attorneys dedicate their time and resources to building strong cases for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. As a result, they may be better qualified to help older victims of abuse than general personal injury attorneys.

A nursing home abuse advocate may:

  • Gather detailed information to create the best case
  • Help nursing home residents take action against abusers (caregivers and facilities)
  • Use your in-depth knowledge of the legal system to seek compensation

Victims of nursing home abuse may experience physical and mental health problems. Abuse cases can even result in the wrongful death of a resident, which can burden the family with grief and medical costs.

A nursing home abuse attorney can help your family obtain compensation for paying for medical treatment and hold the facility and staff legally accountable. See if you qualify to work with an attorney with a free case review.

Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse Neglect

Some nursing abuse attorneys specialize in cases of malpractice or medical malpractice.

Nursing home neglect occurs when a facility or its staff fails to adequately care for residents. Residents can be injured, sick, or die when an assisted living facility fails to meet a basic standard of care.

Nursing home attorneys can help ensure victims receive compensation. Malpractice attorneys could sometimes secure millions of dollars for victims.

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How Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Help

An experienced nursing home attorney can help:

  • Collect Information – Your attorney may collect medical records, photographic evidence, and other information needed for a successful case. Your attorney can build the most powerful case for you once you have all the facts.
  • Submit your claim: It is important to ensure that your claim is submitted correctly. Paperwork errors can derail or prolong a case, costing you time and money. Also, there are laws called statutes of limitations that prevent you from filing your lawsuit after a certain amount of time (usually within 3 years). A lawyer can file your lawsuit without any problems.
  • Relieve yourself: The legal system is very difficult to search unless you are a lawyer. Working with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney will relieve you of the legal process.
  • Navigating the Investigation – Once the case is submitted, both legal teams will ask each other for more information about the case during the investigation phase. Your attorneys may collect statements, records, or other evidence from defendants to strengthen your case.
  • Settling a Complaint: Many cases of elder abuse never go to trial but are settled. Statements result in a direct payment to you. If a settlement cannot be reached, a nursing home abuse attorney can fight for you in court.

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