If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a truck accident lawyer, you are probably in pain and trying to determine your next steps. A truck accident attorney can identify the party(s) responsible, collect evidence, interview eyewitnesses, negotiate with the insurance company and, if necessary, take the case to court on your behalf.

A truck accident lawyer can handle all aspects of your case while you focus on healing or caring for another year injured as a result of a no-fault accident.

Determining Liability in a trucking accident lawyer Case

Trucking accidents are often more complex than vehicle-to-vehicle accidents. You may believe that the truck driver is the only party to the accident. However, there may be more than one party responsible for your results and losses. Possible requests in a truck accident case may include:

  • the truck driver
  • the shipping company
  • the truck manufacturer
  • The shipping company (which loaded the cargo)
  • insurance companies
  • government agencies

If the truck driver is an independent contractor for a larger trucking company, having supervision exercised by the company over its contractor may be an issue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates commercial trucks on US highways

Part of the truck may have failed during transportation and caused the accident. This may mean that the truck manufacturer or the company that makes the part has some liability. A truck accident attorney can identify all of the responsible parties in your particular case and hold them accountable in a court proceeding.

Building a Compelling Case

Whether you are filing a claim for submission to the insurance company or presenting your case to a jury in court, while you focus on your recovery, a truck accident attorney can do the following:

Investigate and collect evidence in your case, including police reports, videos or photos from the scene of the accident, all data from the truck’s electronic information system, eyewitness testimonies, expert testimonies and more.

Gather and compile all of your medical bills and expenses related to the injury, as well as any documents proving the loss. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car accident injuries often require emergency medical care in a hospital.

Identify all those responsible and insurance companies.

Negotiate with insurance companies for fair billing on your behalf.

Take the case to court when the insurance companies refuse to come to an agreement.

Because of this, you or your loved ones may suffer serious findings that require hospitalization, multiple surgeries, medical supplies, and costly rehabilitation.

You shouldn’t have to fight the insurance companies alone to get the compensation you’re entitled to. A truck accident attorney can take over the insurance adjuster and provide all the relevant documents in your case so you can rest and recover while you focus on your family’s needs.

Proving Your Truck Accident lawyer

You know that your accident is not your fault. However, you must prove this on your insurance claim or in court. Basic elements of negligence in personal injury cases related to vehicle accidents are cut out. A person injured in a accident must prove:

The truck driver owed YOU a duty of care to drive sensibly and safely.

The truck driver has breached or breaches this duty of care.

This breach of the duty of care has led to disclosures by you or your loved ones.

As a result, you or your loved ones have suffered damage and loss.

The damages you may receive in a personal injury proceeding may fall into either the economic or non-economic category. Economic damages include medical expenses, lost income, and property damage.

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of activities in which you can no longer participate, and loss of consortium.

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