Since its launch in 2009, Uber accident lawyer has transformed the transportation industry around the world. With the push of a button, customers can request and pay for a ride wherever they want. The existence of Uber ridesharing has made it much easier to find a ride for a night on the town or a trip to the airport.

While riding an Uber is convenient and easy, it is not without risk. Uber accident lawyer drivers aren’t specifically trained for their jobs — they hold a regular driver’s license, just like any driver in upstate New York. But the nature of working for Uber can be challenging. It requires a long time behind the wheel and navigating in unfamiliar places.

Therefore, as a passenger, YOU must be aware of the possibility of an accident with Uber. These incidents can occur at any time and lead to numerous triggering attacks. If you were seriously injured in an excessive accident, you may be entitled to compensation.


If you’re new to the Uber platform, here are some facts about the delicious ride-sharing service:

Uber was originally founded in 2009 as “Ubercab”. Today, the company provides services in 80 countries around the world, including hundreds of metropolitan areas.

Unlike taxis, Ubers doesn’t use a metering system to set fares for trips. Customers typically receive the estimated fare for each trip before an Uber vehicle picks them up.

Uber drivers are independent contractors, which means they can choose when and how long they work. Drivers can log into the Uber app and accept a ride request from any nearby customer. YOU then use a GPS system built into the app to travel to each destination.

Uber allows drivers to be rated via a five-star system in the mobile app. After each ride, passengers are asked to rate the driver based on their overall satisfaction with the driving experience. If an Uber driver has a low average rating, they may be banned from driving for the company.

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